RBJ Center - Availability of Units

There is currently a waitlist for units at the RBJ Center. It is not possible to determine how long an applicant’s name will be on the waiting list because that depends entirely on when current residents vacate their apartments.    


Generally speaking, the waiting list is as follows:
Waitlist for efficiences: under 6 months long
Waitlist for one bedrooms: about a year. 

RBJ is primarily a senior facility.  The waiting list for people under the age of 62 is now closed.

When the waiting list gets to be so long that the wait for an apartment will be over one year, RBJ closes the list and does not accept new applications. 


** Important Note: once residents move into RBJ they may not change unit types.  For example, one cannot rent an efficiency apartment and then later change to a one bedroom nor can residents initially rent a one bedroom then change to an efficiency apartment.