RBJ Center - Rents ->NOTICE UPDATE

As of January 1, 2016, the Rebekah Baines Johnson Center will close the waiting list for people with disabilities under the age of 62 and will also close the waiting list for people over the age of 62 who qualify for Section 8.  The reason for this is the long length of the waiting lists.   The “market rate” waiting list will remain open.  Market rate at RBJ is $546 for an efficiency and $579 for a one bedroom.  These prices are all bills paid, meaning they include electricity, water, and trash. Minimum incomes must be two times the rent for market rate units; therefore minimum incomes must be $1092 per month or $1158 per month respectively.  For more information, contact RBJ at 512-476-6051. 



All deposits are $300. Deposits can be paid out over time if necessary. If you will have a cat or dog with you, an additional $300 security deposit (refundable) is required, and can also be paid out over time if necessary. For more on our pet policies, view our FAQ page.


Section 8 Subsidy Units

A portion of our units (80 efficiences & 20 one bedrooms) are more deeply subsided through a government program called Section 8.